AZIZ FAYE Master Dancer and Drummer from Senegal West Africa 


Sabar Dance Classes : Check updated blog posts for dates and times for Aziz Faye Sabar Dance classes.



Aziz Faye comes from a long line of master Sabar drummers and dancers. His family Sing Sing, is the nguewel Family of Dakar going back many generations.

Aziz has played and danced for many world renowned mbalax bands such as Wally Seck, Youssou N’Dour, Fallou Dieng, Baaba Maal, Ismael Lo and Mbaye Dieye Faye, as well as European artist Peter Gabriel and John Densmore’s Tribal Jazz, former drummer for the Doors. In 1999 Aziz was commissioned to play for Ike Quartay in his fight against Oscar de la Hoya. He is truly an artists artist. AZIZ holds weekly SABAR DANCE CLASSES accompanied by live Sabar drumming in Los Angeles.  The cost of class is $15.00 and open to all levels.

Aziz grew up in Medina, the nguewel suburb of Dakar, Senegal, learning from his father; Vieux Sing Faye, grandfather, and uncles the secret of the Sabar. After mastering Sabar, Aziz went on to master the Djembe as well. From a young age he stood out as one of the most talented of his generation and as a young boy he was a premiere performer in Le Ballet Sing Sing Rhythm, both dancing and drumming. He has also performed with the National Ballet of Senegal.

His latest album, MEDINA RUE 23, named after the street he grew up on, was recorded in Dakar and features 3 Generations of his Sing Sing family and friends that he grew up with. His late father, Vieux Sing Faye,  is featured on two tracks “Sing Sing Faye” & “3 Generations”.  Sabar and the nguewel people (Griots) are an integral part of  Senegalese ritual and social life. The nguewel plays an important role in daily Senegalese life by playing at important ceremonies such as baby namings (Ngente), harvest festivals, marriage celebrations, healing ceremonies (Ndeup), ritual combat (Lutte),  dance and drum street parties (Sabar) and rites for Kings and Presidents. Besides being exquisitely beautiful and exciting to watch, Sabar, it’s music, dance, and song, is used as a vehicle to communicate the oral tradition of the Wolof and Senegalese culture. Legends, myths, fables, riddles, and proverbs have been transmitted from generation to generation by nguewels through Sabar.

AZIZ is available for drum and dance performances, workshops, dance choreography and recording sessions. TO ORDER A CD FOLLOW THIS LINK